Cascades Gardens for Meditation and Wellbeing

Gardening for Meditation and Wellbeing

A garden for meditation and wellbeing, Cascades Gardens is a four acre open garden near Matlock, Derbyshire. It is a spectacular natural landscape that is filled with plants shrubs and trees, many of which are unusual.The garden has cliffs, woodland, waterfalls a ruined corn mill and old lead mine. There are many seats that allow you to sit, relax and enjoy nature.

This blog is an attempt to  reach out to garden visitors and fellow “spiritual pilgrims” to share information on gardening for wellbeing, mental health and meditation gardens. Sometimes I just want to express my feelings about life. I welcome the contribution and thoughts of others.

The garden is based on the principles of Japanese gardens and Buddhist philosophy. It is designed as a garden for meditation and spiritual wellbeing, a place with a profound sense of peace to relax and reflect.

The garden has taken me more than 20 years to create and has been a spiritual as well as a gardening journey. Born from personal tragedy, the garden was designed as a place for me to find sanctuary, a place to withdraw and relax after my latest adventure or business success, a bereavement, problem or failure. Nature fascinated me and was something to celebrate. I have always enjoyed gardening and been able to relax in a beautiful natural setting. I feel a deep connection with Nature and find it a profoundly meaningful and spiritual experience.

Gardening for meaning and purpose?

From an early age I was interested in overseas travel and inspired by Eastern culture. My life has been a continual struggle to find answers to all the deeper questions of life such as our meaning and purpose and this led me to pursuing a university degree that included Psychology and Philosophy. I have travelled the world and explored different cultures and philosophies,particularly those in Asia and the Orient.

In 1992 after a shocking family bereavement,  I was fortunate to have a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which set me on the path of recovery and personal search. Later as Chairman of the Tibet Society and the Relief Fund I spent quite a few years helping the Tibetan people in India and met or attended meetings with His Holiness quite a few times. As a result I have learnt a lot about his spiritual philosophy and values.

My deep interest in Japan also led me to several visits to explore their monasteries and gardens and to learn Zen meditation.

I have tried to live life to the full but as I have grown older, I feel there is so much more to learn and understand. Much more to question and analyse. I’ve developed a strong interest in gardening for wellbeing and find it spiritually rewarding. Most of all I find I have an urgent need to pass on my experiences and lessons learnt to others, if my life is to have been worthwhile.

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The Garden for Wellbeing Blog

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Meaning and Purpose

No-one is suddenly going to find out the meaning of life. It could not be the result of a scientific discovery. We have to work out our own meaning as part of the process of self-discovery. We have to find out our talents and then use them to our best ability to hopefully leave the world a better place than we found it. Sigmund Freud said we find meaning from work and love, and this is what gives our life structure. Certainly, I found myself most content with life and motivated when I had a good job, with challenge and position. It gave me an identity


I often walk past a small front garden that contains three pot plants. I’m not sure what they are but they’ve been there a few years now. The plants outgrew their pots a long time ago, they desperately need repotting. In the summer they are dry and never seem to get watered by anyone. In the autumn they are full of water that doesn’t drain away, in fact I passed by them today and they were filled to the brim with rain water. In winter, when the temperature drops, they sit in frozen water-logged earth.

Trip to Tibet in 1994 part 1

In 1994  My ex- wife Elizabeth and I booked a trip to Tibet from Katmandu, Nepal. We joined a group of eight other men and women and had two vehicles, a ten-seater bus and a very rugged large lorry with all the chains and ropes and equipment that one would need for a tough overland journey.

Foggy Bottom, Bressingham, Norfolk

In the early 1970’s I visited this garden in it’s creative phase. Planted by Adrian Bloom this 6 acre conifer garden has developed significantly over the last 40 years to show how conifers can be laid out and under planted with great success. In 2016 I re-visited the garden and was lucky enough to meet its creator Adrian Bloom. We discussed under planting of conifer and he recommended his book Blooms best perennials One of the good things about conifers is that they show their form and texture all year round particularly when underplanted with grasses and other evergreen plants.

What to see at Cascades this Month

Hellebores in mid February.

Early Hellebores. Lots more now in full bloom and for sale. Garden opens 1st March

Garden Reviews

Beautiful and Soothing

“Beautiful and soothing with gifts for your eyes in every corner … and every sight shows you Nature is the great creator of harmony and balance”. Danish Lady. 2016


Quote attributed to Mandela

In her book A return to love: Reflections on the principles of a course in miracles, Ms Marianne Williamson writes. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.


The Tao cannot be defined

“Something mysteriously formed. Born before heaven and earth. In the silence and the void. Standing alone and unchanging. Ever present and in motion. I do not know its name,
Call it Tao

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