Shey Monastery Ladakh - inspirations for my Garden for Wellbeing

The Tao cannot be defined

“Something mysteriously formed. Born before heaven and earth. In the silence and the void. Standing alone and unchanging. Ever present and in motion. I do not know its name,
Call it Tao

Busy bees in a Garden for Wellbeing


A important book for me in my university days, was by Alan Watts- The Way of Zen.
All my life I have been able to recite the poems quoted in this book about the Zen idea of mindfulness

Buddha statues in my garden for wellbeing at Cascades Gardens Derbyshire

Guest Poem

Quietly chaos dies
Open the door of Buddha
Flowers call his name

Old Friend

In the rain, outside my cabin
I listen to the sound of the guitar.
Loud, it reminds me
of an old friend now passed.

misty cascades gardens, Derbyshire

One with Nature

The garden at twilight, so vivid,
Intoxicates my senses.
Three dimensional, the plants are talking to me
Alive, vibrant, outer worldly,
Expressing love.

views in my open garden for wellbeing and meditation derbyshire

Cascades Gardens

A celebration of nature,
And spiritual journey,
To ease the pain of my decline.
The joy of nature, harmony and balance