My Spiritual Journey

When I was a child, I was told that God created the world and that if I put my trust in Him, he would show me the way. If I lived a good life with Christian values I would go to Heaven. The first book I was given was Pilgrims Progress, which filled me with hope and inspiration.

As I grew up, I discovered Buddhist philosophy and read the story of the Buddha. I was taught that If I followed the right path, I would gain wisdom and develop compassion for others, lose my suffering and selfish ego and discover the true nature of reality. I would reach enlightenment and take my place in the realm of the Gods.

Now, at the age of 70, modern physics tells me that we are all part of the same infinite Universe. Everything is made of the same minute particles moving randomly in an electro-magnetic energy field. The universe is a quantum vacuum that is filled with consciousness of which I am aware and relate closely to. It is the basis of reality. There was no creator. By losing my sense of Self through meditation, I can experience that I have no independent inherent existence.

At the end of his life, Father Bede Griffiths said that he found that beyond the ego was peace, a sense of infinite beauty and love.

I finally see that the world is amazing, fantastic and wonderful. What we perceive as Nature is miraculous, and we should recognise this, be happy and celebrate our existence.

It has taken me a lifetime to realise all this. The delusion of Heaven, Nirvana, God and absolute values gone. My ego is bruised and in some way I have a sense of disappointment. So many years wasted naively in life’s struggle for achievement, meaning and purpose.

Hopefully I still have time to continue to study and follow the Tao? By being part of and going with Nature in a positive state of mind, I believe we can live a harmonious life and be happy. Through deep meditation we can lose our delusions and realise our true nature, find joy, peace and contentment. We can find love with our children, our partner and friends. A message that I want to pass on to all those around me.

I’ve become very interested in the idea of gardening for wellbeing and the value of a meditation garden.

The amazing beauty of nature, its energy and resonance with us, its natural balance and harmony can all be very fulfilling if we are mindful of the present.