Cascades Gardens- The Meditation Garden

Cascades Gardens- The Meditation Garden

Although I have travelled the world on business and charity projects, I have always been a passionate gardener. With so many questions, issues and answers to consider in life, meditation or “just sitting” in a natural place has always been an important part of my daily existence.

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Designing and creating my own meditation garden or sacred space, my own “Paradise”, I have been inspired by many other gardens but particularly my visits to gardens in Japan. Developing Cascades Gardens here in Derbyshire I have tried to follow the Buddhist principles of peace, stillness, harmony and respect for living things. It has been a spiritual journey and I have tried to work with Nature. Cascades Gardens is a natural garden following its original landscape of cliffs, woodland, streams and waterfalls. I believe that gardens are meant to be sat in and there are places for relaxation and meditation which gives one a feeling of wellbeing.

Wherever you go in the garden you can hear the soothing trickle of water. There are many places to sit and be peaceful in natural secluded places, and every opportunity to become immersed in and celebrate Nature

Following the principles of Feng Shui, Cascades Gardens has a very positive energy flow. Feng Shui, the art of geomancy, is fundamental to a balanced Ying and Yang garden. The Chinese believe that a landscape is alive with forces that have to be taken into account when building anything, buildings or gardens. Every site has “Chi” or energy running through it. This Universal energy flows through us and around us, creating our vitality and energising the potential of our surroundings. A free flow of energy promotes health, happiness, and a sense of wellbeing.

Gardening helps us to play our part in the cycle of cosmic harmony and balance. We are co-creators of the universe. It becomes our sacred responsibility and privilege.

A Danish lady visiting the garden recently said

“Beautiful and soothing with gifts for your eyes in every corner … and every sight shows you Nature is the great creator of harmony and balance”.

In April 2019 The Daily mail listed us as one of the ten most inspiring spring gardens in Britain

During the day the huge cliffs at Cascades Gardens absorb the sunshine and radiates the energy back into the garden, when the sun goes down. At twilight this energy, heavy silence and stillness gives the garden a deeply spiritual feeling.

The perfect place to meditate and be one with nature